Shielding and Power

High Frequency Shielding

refers to the shielding of an entire room against external Electromagnetic Interference (EMI/RFI) signals.
EMI/RFI can be caused by multiple sources, such as Mobile phone base stations and antennas, Radars (military or civilian), Radio and TV broadcast centers, large motors and drives, large inverters, lightning, etc.

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EMI/RFI interference can cause:


  • Data communication signal disruption: interference can couple into data cabling (even if shielded) and disrupt the communication packets, therefore slowing down communications in a network.
  • Microprocessors degradation: frequent EMI/RFI coupling causes small voltage transients in micro-processors and other microelectronics components, stressing them and shortening their operational life.
  • Electronic components destruction: very strong EMI/RFI pulse can cause destruction of components.

AST offers a standard 30dB Shielding solution (Soft-Tempest), which is cost-effective, quick to install and secure. It decreases more than 90% the incoming strength of any EMI/RFI signal.

The AST solution is based on highly conductive materials which, through a specific installation technique,  provides a very consistent performance.

Moreover, complying with current IEC immunity standards and providing an EMI/RFI "clean" environment, is a must to specify Shielding in Data Centers.
Electromagnetic shielding is the process of limiting the penetration of electromagnetic fields into a space, by blocking them with a barrier made of adequate material. Typically it is applied to rooms or enclosures, separating electrical devices from the ‘outside world’, and to cables, separating wires from the environment the cables run through.

Typical LOW FREQUENCY Sources (those generating interference from 0Hz to 30KHz) are: Transformers, Power cables, DC motors, etc. can become very harmful to electronic equipment and are reported to cause serious human illnesses (i.e. tumors, cancer, etc). IT Equipments are limited by the Standard IEC/EN 55024 standars to an exposure of max. 1.25 uT. Above this field, hard disks can be de-magnetized, and other electronic components can malfunction and accelerate its degradation. Shielding can reduce the coupling of radio waves, electromagnetic fields and electrostatic fields. The amount of reduction depends very much upon the material used, its thickness, the size of the shielded volume and the frequency (usually differentiated between low and high) of the fields of interest and the size, shape and orientation of apertures in a shield to an incident electromagnetic field.

AST has developed a specific technology "SMART SHIELD" that through the use of a hybrid material solution provides a modular solution for EMF protection.
Electromagnetic shielding helps to reduce electromagnetic pollution in the environment, similar to the actions that are taken to reduce noise or light pollution. In the long term, this translates to great benefits for society and the environment.
For example, let us consider the protection for electronic equipment. Let’s suppose there is a systems failure of a business handling customer purchases worth €3,500 per hour. In a 4-hour period of failure, the business will lose  €14,000 of revenue – and this is without evaluating the costs for poor performance of applications, data corruption and damage to the company image.


SMART SHIELD has been awarded a certificate from a world-renowned independent test and certification organization TÜV,  which acknowledges the product’s electromagnetic shielding effectiveness.

Overlapping System

SMART SHIELD offers an exclusive overlapping solution to provide an effective and easy installation. This patented solution reduces discontinuity leakage to the minimum in the junctions between plates.

Double shielding effect

AST electromagnetic shielding solution consists on a hybrid technology that provides a excellent quality/price performance. Thanks to the combination of high permeability and high conductivity alloys a double effect is produced in EMF absorption minimizing residual magnetic fields.

Additionally, AST:

  • Provides an electromagnetic shielding audit, measuring and consulting services for low and high frequency, covering frequencies from 0 - 1 Thz
  • Executes turnkey projects and solutions tailored to suit the needs of its customers
  • Runs consulting services to design the most appropriate solution to every situation or need.

AST Power

AST on-demand portable critical power & cooling solutions are a set of complete pre-engineered, standardized and containerized solutions designed to allow a "grow as you need" facility. AST enables modular critical power and cooling, integrating on an OEM basis any UPS and/or Chiller from main market leader companies, thus allowing a fast deployment virtually anywhere. AST provides a wide portfolio of modular critical P/C solutions, so you can find the right solution that fits your power/cooling requirements.

AST modular critical Power/Cooling (P/C) solutions are supplied in a container structure (20’ or 40’), fully engineered and installed at AST premises. P/C Container can be installed in a stand-alone or stackable basis, adapting to available space and installation conditions. With AST modular critical P/C solutions, "plug and play" concept becomes a reality for critical infrastructure.

Data Centers often require the ability to increase power. AST’s Modular P/C simplifies the complexity and risk associated to increase power density in "live" Data Centers.

Data Center

The AST Smart Shelter is designed to offer a number of unique advantages in terms of security..

Secure Storage

AST has conceived and designed two unique stand-alone products which are aimed at the SME marketplace,

Cooling Efficiency

As a result of virtualization technologies being deployed more and more in data centers, and in particular blade servers,

Shielding and Power

High Frequency Shielding refers to the shielding of an entire room against external Electromagnetic Interference.