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Fares Data Networks and Telecoms

1. Data Networks – through Fares Computers

  • 1.1.1.    Consultancy – Active and Passive Networks
    •    Infrastructure
    •    Fiber Optic, SM & MM
    •    Copper; CAT6 & CAT7
    •    Switches, Routers, Highly Secure Firewalls
    •    Load Balancing
    •    Telephone Networks
  • 1.1.2.    Design, costing and project scoping
  • 1.1.3.    Installation, project management
  • 1.1.4.    Client support, training; 24/7/365 site monitoring, fault resolution; preventative maintenance
  • 1.2.    Telecom
    • 1.2.1.    Advice, design and sale of solution
    • 1.2.2.    Installation of solution

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Data Center

The AST Smart Shelter is designed to offer a number of unique advantages in terms of security..

Secure Storage

AST has conceived and designed two unique stand-alone products which are aimed at the SME marketplace,

Cooling Efficiency

As a result of virtualization technologies being deployed more and more in data centers, and in particular blade servers,

Shielding and Power

High Frequency Shielding refers to the shielding of an entire room against external Electromagnetic Interference.