Fares launches Cable Scout in Libya

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Tripoli, Libya.   Fares proudly announces the exclusive distribution rights in Libya to Cable Scout from JO Software GmbH.

Cable Scout is perhaps the most powerful cable mapping, management and documentation tool available today for companies providing Wide Area (WAN), Metroplitan Area (MAN) Local Area (LAN) and FTTH (Fiber to the Home) access.  It allows for comprehensive data collection and transparent representation of highly complex optical fiber, copper, coax,  hybrid and FTTX structures - even the mapping of water, oil and gas pipes for Utiliities, many of whom are multi-service providers of these facilities.

Cable Scout is unique, in that it is entirely self-contained.  It provides automatic links to all major GIS, cable monitoring and patch management systems and ships with its own CAD and graphics.  The CAD facility will produce in MINUTES what the leading CAD platform requires days to output - because the Cable Scout CAD platform is designed specifically for the sole task of cable and pipe management.

For the first time, Cable Scout provides the network operator with an integrated professional tool to document to a level of granularity not seen in any other package of all the various network infrastructures and transmission technologies - from the Supra-Regional level down to a single layer of every single fiber or wire!  And because the data is stored in one central database,  the information can be shared by anyone in the company authorised to access it: management, technical, sales and support.

Cable Scout is in use by more than 180 well-known companies, Utilities and Municipalities across the German-speaking world, and is also widely used in Russia.  More recently, JO Software launched Cable Scout in the UAE and has already signed up several significant clients.

The range of users includes telecoms companies, municipal untilities, city carriers, electricity, gas and water suppliers, cable TV companies, airports, mining companies, Federal Highway Agencies, hospitals, insurance companies and consulting engineers.

Saied Jouda, CEO of Fares, stated: "I am very pleased to be the exclusive partner of JO Software, as Cable Scout enhances significantly the level of service which Fares can add to its fiber cabling portfolio."

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Fares signs exclusive partnership with CTC Union

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Fares Libya is proud to announce the exclusive partnership agreement with CTC Union of Taiwan,  one of the leading designers and manufacturers of leading-edge telecom solutions.

Founded in 1993, CTC is now recognised by its peers as an innovative designer of solutions for data, telecommunications and IP surveillance customers,  providing technology based on PDH, SDH, DSL, Ethernet and Optical transmission to meet and surpass the requirements of voice and data carriers in deploying the vital "final last Mile" applications.

CTC set up its R&D Division in 2005 in order to meet the challenging and increasing demands of its customers for improved and more sophisticated security poducts based on digital networks.  By leveraging its existing core technologies and network management expertise, CTC can now offer complete IP surveillance systems built around H.264 netwrok cameras, digital & network video servers and megapixel cameras.

As Voice and Multimedia are also moving onto IP, carriers have found that their core networks work much more efficiently if the PSTN is migrated to IP. In line with this trend,  CTC became a member of the Metro Ethernet Forum ("MEF") to ensure interoperability between Ethernet solutions and the Last-Mile.  This membership also ensures that CTC continuously aligns its R&D with MEF standards for the benefit of its clients.

Saied Jouda, CEO of Fares stated "this partnership further extends the Fares portfolio of data networks, Telecoms, data centres and physical security solutions for the Libyan market and we look forward to growing the CTC presence here in Libya".

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