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Pointer Ltd signs Fares as exclusive Libyan Partner

Tripoli, Libya

Pointer Ltd is one the leading designers and integrators of physical and logical multi-application solutions to provide comprehensive protection of the assets - human and non-human - of businesses exposed to threats of all kinds: robbery (physical and cyber-electronic), terrorism, vandalism, anti-social behaviour, hazardous conditions, identity fraud, etc.

Since most, if not all solutions designed and implemented today are built upon IP-based technology,  Pointer identified Fares as an excellent fit for partnership in Libya: both companies are partners for Cisco and Lenel and both have extensive skills and experience in the deployment of complex passive and active networks which are the backbone of most physical security systems.

Pointer has recently completed the $160M project for Qatar Petroleum and the initial phase for the headquarters of Bank Muscat, Oman, and together with Fares is looking at a number of similar projects in Libya.

Saied Jouda, CEO, Fares stated: "Pointer is a company which we have been talking to for 18 months, so this partnership is the culmination of a successful courtship, and we are looking forward to working with the team on projects here very soon".

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