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AST launches in the Middle East

AST and Fares recently announced their strategic joint venture in Libya with the aim to provide a single and powerful source of data centre expertise across the Middle East and North Africa. The joint venture is based in the Tripoli offices of Fares. The team will leverage the active data networking skills of Fares engineers to complement AST’s data centre consultancy team expertise.

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Earlier this year, a seminar was given by the duo to introduce the concept of a “one stop shop” for all data centre requirements to an audience of 115 people from 40 companies in the Oil, Telco, Banking, Finance, Industrial and Government sectors.  The event speakers highlighted the trends towards.
The event highlighted cloud computing and energy efficiencies, in particular AST’s patented Natural FreeCooling innovation.  The progress at Wahda Bank’s data centre built by AST and Fares in Benghazi was also shown by live video conference.


Data Center

The AST Smart Shelter is designed to offer a number of unique advantages in terms of security..

Secure Storage

AST has conceived and designed two unique stand-alone products which are aimed at the SME marketplace,

Cooling Efficiency

As a result of virtualization technologies being deployed more and more in data centers, and in particular blade servers,

Shielding and Power

High Frequency Shielding refers to the shielding of an entire room against external Electromagnetic Interference.