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Fares-AST Joint Venture

AST North Africa Ltd is a Joint Venture between Fares of Libya and Advanced  Shielding Technologies s.l. of Spain, also known as AST Global.  Its primary activity is to deliver  a range of data centre products, solutions and services to all sectors of business, both private and public, big and small.

The coming together of both companies is a classic synergy of skills, experience and technical know-how across many IT disciplines, principally in Data Centre design, fabrication and construction; infrastructure design and installation; storage management; VOIP; maintenance and support; training and audit services.  Many of the AST data centre solutions have been patented, winning several prestigious awards for advanced innovation, particularly for energy and cooling conservation techniques.

AST, a privately-held family run business, whose roots go back to 1919,  is headquarted in Barcelona, Spain and has subsidiary offices in N America, Europe and Asia and is supported by dedicated partners located in more than 40 countries. The Joint Venture with Fares is a critical element in the AST strategy to cover all leading data center markets.

Fares  is a privately-owned business which was founded in April 2003 to provide infrastructure and telecomms consultancy and implementation services. Recruiting highly skilled personnel from various companies to develop a knowledge pool second to none, Fares has established itself as one of the leading Libyan IT companies, with more than 20 full-time staff, and proud to be an authorised partner of Cisco Systems, EMC, Panduit.

Between them, Fares and AST are authorised partners of  a host of world-class companies in the IT and Data Center sectors, including Cisco Systems, EMC, Panduit, Stulz, Emerson, Schneider, APC, Redetec, Eaton Powerware to name just a  few.

The AST North Africa team, based in Tripoli, and with offices in Benghazi and Dubai, provides decades of accumulated experience in designing, fabricating and constructing data centers across the world, more than 350+ and counting.  The data centers are designed to meet the exacting parameters of the Uptime  Institute and the internationally-accepted TIA 942 and EN 1047-2 standards.

The one major advantage provided by AST North Africa is that our clients need only deal with a single point of project management contact.  The need to hunt around for different suppliers, external designers is eliminated.  And even better,  if our data center design is accepted by the client,  the design fee is deducted from the total project cost.  In other words,  by using AST North Africa, the client can eliminate all third-party costs, but most important of all,  the client is in the hands of a dedicated, seasoned and experienced Project Manager.  
We believe that this “one stop shop” concept is unique in North Africa and the Middle East and the positive feed-back from our customers confirms this belief..

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Data Center

The AST Smart Shelter is designed to offer a number of unique advantages in terms of security..

Secure Storage

AST has conceived and designed two unique stand-alone products which are aimed at the SME marketplace,

Cooling Efficiency

As a result of virtualization technologies being deployed more and more in data centers, and in particular blade servers,

Shielding and Power

High Frequency Shielding refers to the shielding of an entire room against external Electromagnetic Interference.